Handcrafted Chocolate Bonbons, Intoxicated 2019 Collection

6 parts of a love story, 6 special chocolate bonbons

Fluid Passion 1.jpg

Fluid Passion

Infatuated beyond control, you have that inevitable blush and jumping heartbeats when you meet your first love. Inside, that waves of passion just wants to gush out.

fluid passion fruit | fruit brandy | dark chocolate | raspberry powder

Cliche en Rose

Cliché en Rose

Innumerable heart shape objects and red flowers pave your memory lane. Cliché, superfluously symbolic, rose is best paired with raspberry for that bit of sourness, and lychee for its sweet notes.

rose lychee ganache | raspberry ganache | eau de vie framboise

Champagne Truffle.jpg

Champagne Truffle

In those glasses, you bubbly rejoice at the occasion that epitomize love. So much shared, so much entailed. So much to be celebrated.

marc du champagne | sparkling wine | milk chocolate

Foreign Affair

Foreign Affair

Into another stage of life, commitments mature like the aging of fine wines. Your delicate care makes love last much longer than taking compassion for granted.

foreign affair red wine | vincotto ganache | raspberry powder

Lady Grey

Lady Grey

Immerse yourself in the beauty of an afternoon tea, taking a sip at a time with dearest darlings when worldly concerns are taken care of. Shiny orange peel reminds you of bergamot.

earl grey tea ganache | candied orange peel

Single Malt

Single Malt

Indifference lays path for entrapment, whereas connoisseurship leads to finding singularity. This is the finale of your story, and mayhap a beginning of another.

single malt whisky ganache | 23k gold thread


An 'Intoxicated' series of chocolate bonbons alight from the heaven (a.k.a. our chocolate lab) into these heart-red gift boxes. Available in 8, 15, and 24 pieces, this collection features our chef's interpretation of phases in love.

  • Box of 8 bonbons — $25

  • Box of 15 bonbons — $45

  • Box of 24 bonbons — $69

HST not included.



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