January to February 2018


Half day class includes:

  • cooking and colouring isomalt

  • techniques in preparing isomalt for pulling

  • temperature control

  • basic pulled rose and its petals

  • pulled leaves and vines

  • basic techniques in casting isomalt

  • basic structure of a sugar showpiece

  • techniques in assembly of isomalt pieces

  • bring home a small showpiece

Full day class, in addition to content of the half day class:

  • pulling multi-colour ribbons

  • making ribbon contours, bows

  • casting spheres, textured casting

  • bubble sugar decorations

  • simple lunch included


Class fee is per person per set of materials, subject to HST.
Buddy discount available.  See FAQ


  • Relevant recipes
  • Demonstrations with detailed instructions by chef instructor
  • Opportunity to work on parts of the recipes wherever possible
  • All materials needed - the tools and ingredients we use in class are of top quality


  • Relevant recipes
  • Hands-on practice on recipes as guided by chef instructor
  • All materials needed - the tools and ingredients we use in class are of top quality
  • An apron to use during class.  You are welcome to bring your own
  • Container for you to take away your finished product


Chocolate has been regarded as food of the gods.  It is much like wine and coffee, it gets flavour from the terroir, its varietal, and the method the beans are treated.  Tempered, the chocolate becomes shiny like a mirror, melts slowery, and breaks with a snap.  Untempered, it is dull and crumbles easily.

This course is designed with beginners in mind, but as a good chocolatier would tell you, we are improving everyday.  The course takes you through the science of tempering, and provides ample practices on aspects of fine chocolate making, including tempering, ganache, and hand dipping and moulding bonbons.


Basic Chocolate Skills
Format: Hands-on, approx. 3.5 hours each
Minimum to run:  4 students
$560 per person, subject to HST

  • introduction to chocolate & tempering

  • orangette, florentine & chocolate thins

  • basic ganache & truffles

  • basic hand dipping bonbons

  • essential chocolate decorations

  • basic moulding & bonbons