Class listing for July to September 2018
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  1. Knife Sharpening Workshop class notes: bring your own knife and learn to sharpen it; one free knife guard per student to take home
  2. Knifeworks: Basic Cuts and Potage Cultivateur class comes with a $50 credit towards any Wüsthof product purchase

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Class fee is per person per set of materials, subject to HST.
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  • Relevant recipes
  • Demonstrations with detailed instructions by chef instructor
  • Opportunity to work on parts of the recipes wherever possible
  • All materials needed - the tools and ingredients we use in class are of top quality


  • Relevant recipes
  • Hands-on practice on recipes as guided by chef instructor
  • All materials needed - the tools and ingredients we use in class are of top quality
  • An apron to use during class.  You are welcome to bring your own
  • Container for you to take away your finished product


It could be a regional cuisine, certain cooking techniques, a versatile ingredient, or the use of a particular tool -- our cuisine courses are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in an aspect you can later become very familiar with.

Building foundations from lesson to lesson, fundamental skills are improved so students can use them to make various dishes beyond the course's content.  Explore the possibility of European dishes, and see for yourself how easy it is to make Chinese dishes.

These courses are suitable for beginners or experienced home cooks.


Cooking Fundamentals – In French and Japanese perspectives
6 Lessons
Format: Hands-on
Minimum to run:  6 students
$550 per person, subject to HST

  • Staples and Cooking Fundamentals:
    Potatoes in Mushroom Cream & Mushroom Rice

  • Dressings and Cold Preparation:
    Salade Nicoise & Octopus Cucumber Sunomono

  • Aromatics and Cooking Liquids:
    Classic Consommé & Ichiban Dashi

  • Herbs, Spices, and Steaming:
    Mussels in White Wine & Clams in Sake

  • Eggs and Cooking Fats:
    French Omelette & Tamago-yaki

  • Seafood and Seasoning:
    Scallops Provencal & Fish Miso-yaki

*Gloves will be provided if you have allergies working with some ingredients, please let us know in advance.


Instant Pot Chinese Home Cooking 正家常菜
4 Lessons
Format:  Interactive Demo, approx. 3 hours each
Minimum to run:  6 students
Language: Cantonese/Mandarin

$65/lesson or $260/4 lessons per person, subject to HST

  • 涼伴菜兩款、快手客家雞酒、八囍臨門

  • 五香醬肉燥、醬肉玉子豆腐、鹽湯丸粉絲菜湯

  • 涼伴菜兩款、梅菜扣肉、雙皮奶

  • 涼伴菜兩款、糖醋牛脷、焗紅豆西米布甸