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Upcoming Basic Pastry Skills I

The emphasis of our basic pastry courses is to improve fundamental skills so students can make many varieties of sweets beyond the course's content.  There are a variety of flavours for each component or dish, which the chef will determine at his discretion considering students' preferences and seasonal availability.

These courses are suitable for beginners or experienced bakers who'd want to learn effective methods in pastry arts!

Basic Pastry Skills I – 6 Lessons

Hands-on, approx. 3 hours each
Minimum to Run:
6 Students
$450/person, subject to HST

  • Biscotti

  • Madeleine & Financier

  • Meringue & Pavlova

  • Short Bread & Pâte Sablée

  • Simple Chiffon & Chantilly

  • Chilled Desserts (3 types)

Basic Pastry Skills II
(Pre-requisite: Basic Pastry Skills I)

Format: Hands-on, approx. 3 hours each
$450/person, subject to HST

  • New York Cheesecake

  • Chocolate Lava Cake & Crème Anglaise

  • Crème Brûlée & Crème Caramel

  • Cupcakes & Buttercream Piping

  • Pastry Cream & Strawberry Tart

  • Fruity Mousse Cake

Choux pastry baking class at Gusta Cooking Studio

The Art of Choux Pastry course does not have a prerequisite, but some baking and piping practices can be helpful. It exposes students to choux applications plus numerous creamy fillings including chantilly, diplomat, chiboust, buttercream, fruit custards, ganaches, in addition to many classic and modern choux toppings.

The Art of Choux Pastries – 5 Lessons
Format:  Hands-on
Minimum to Run:
3 Students
$610/person, subject to HST

  • Black Swan Cream Puffs (3 hours)

  • Modern Hazelnut Paris-Brest (3 hours)

  • Parisian Éclairs (Fruit Crèmes) (4 hours)

  • Petit Saint Honoré, Religieuse (4 hours)

  • Croquembouche, Nougatine & Royal Icing (6 hours)

Chocolate tempering, bonbon making classes at Gusta Cooking Studio

Chocolate has been regarded as food of the gods.  It is much like wine and coffee, it gets flavour from the terroir, its varietal, and the method the beans are treated.  Tempered, the chocolate becomes shiny like a mirror, melts slowery, and breaks with a snap.  Untempered, it is dull and crumbles easily.

This course is designed with beginners in mind, but as a good chocolatier would tell you, we are improving everyday.  The course takes you through the science of tempering, and provides ample practices on aspects of fine chocolate making, including tempering, ganache, and hand dipping and moulding bonbons.

Basic Chocolate Skills – 6 Lessons
Hands-on, approx. 3.5 hours each
Minimum to Run: 
4 Students
$560/person, subject to HST

  • Introduction to Chocolate & Tempering

  • Orangette, Florentine & Chocolate Thins

  • Basic Ganache & Truffles

  • Basic Hand Dipping Bonbons

  • Essential Chocolate Decorations

  • Basic Moulding & Bonbons

Cooking Fundamentals French & Japanese class at Gusta Cooking Studio

This is our most basic culinary course where emphasis is placed on development of food preparation skills and fundamental kitchen knowledge in perspectives from arguably the most influential cuisines in modern cooking.  The dishes are chosen to exemplify various topics in culinary arts, so students can go above and beyond in the kitchen after.

The course is suitable for beginners and aspiring cooks who’d want to grasp basic culinary concepts and be exposed to effective cooking methods.

Cooking Fundamentals: French and Japanese Perspectives – 6 Lessons
Minimum to Run:
6 Students
$550/person, subject to HST

  • Staples and Cooking Fundamentals:
    Potatoes in Mushroom Cream & Mushroom Rice

  • Dressings and Cold Preparation:
    Salade Nicoise & Octopus Cucumber Sunomono

  • Aromatics and Cooking Liquids:
    Classic Consommé & Ichiban Dashi

  • Herbs, Spices, and Steaming:
    Mussels in White Wine & Clams in Sake

  • Eggs and Cooking Fats:
    French Omelette & Tamago-yaki

  • Seafood and Seasoning:
    Scallops Provencal & Fish Miso-yaki

*Gloves will be provided if you have allergies working with some ingredients, please let us know in advance.

Instant pot chinese cooking class at Gusta Cooking Studio

Instant Pot Chinese Home Cooking 快靚正家常菜 – 4 Lessons
Interactive Demo, approx. 3 hours each
Minimum to Run:
6 students
$65/lesson or $260/4 lessons per person, subject to HST

  • 涼伴菜兩款,快手客家雞酒,八囍臨門

  • 五香醬肉燥,醬肉玉子豆腐,鹽湯丸粉絲菜湯

  • 涼伴菜兩款,梅菜扣肉,雙皮奶

  • 涼伴菜兩款,糖醋牛脷,焗紅豆西米布甸

Prepaid points


Gusta Cooking Studio prepaid point system
Gusta Cooking Studio prepaid point system

Benefits of Prepaid Points

  • Discounted fee for individual lessons

  • Freedom to redeem points with any individual lesson (except Courses)

  • Not subject to price increase of classes as point value increases

  • Freedom to share points between family and friends

  • Points do not have an expiration date

How to use Prepaid Points?

  • Register classes online, by phone, or in person

  • Payment is not required at the time of registration

  • On the day of class, arrive 5 mins early to sign off your points

  • You can check the updated balance, request transaction record by calling 905-604-6040

Standard cancellation policy applies to class bookings with prepaid points. In the event of a dispute, the decision of Gusta Cooking Studio shall be final and binding.

Where to purchase Prepaid Points?

  • In person during our operating hours

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