Gusta Cooking Studio

Diverse Selections
Emphasis of Techniques
Hands-on Learning Experience
Best Ingredients Used


Taste education is at the core of Gusta's mission. We believe that by sharing of knowledge, we can improve the community's appreciation of good taste, and in turn creating a tastier world for everyone.

Our class roster is refreshed every two months, providing an array of diverse topics that reflects what are trending globally. In class, students focus on building techniques, not just following steps, gaining the ability to go beyond the limit of any recipe. The learning is particularly profound when students get to practice the techniques hands-on, working on their own sets of material that we prepare, using the best ingredients we can afford.

We proudly distinguish ourselves from other schools in these aspects. And we trust that, the know-how and skills will transform the world to be a better place gustatorily.




“The facilities are spacious and well laid out, with lots of room to work/cook and interact with your fellow students. Baron was a great instructor; friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and full of positive energy.”



“My amazing wife bought my sister and I a course here at Gusta Cooking Studio, in which we learned how to make vanilla bean mille crepes with fruit layers. Baron was our instructor, and he was absolutely great. The two of us have very little baking/pastry experience, but he was able to guide us through the entire process of making the crepe and cream layers in a fun and informative manner. I really loved how he was able to explain the "why" for many of the steps, which made it much easier to understand the whole process. ”



“Beautiful space. Professional instructor with heart. Highly recommended!”



“Beautiful cooking studio and most friendly staff! Baron made the class fun and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the baking experience with my girlfriends. I'd definitely recommend to everyone! ”