Monthly Feature Sweets

At Gusta, pleasure equates good taste.  In achieving just that, we go to great lengths to use the best ingredients available to us – organic, free-run, and natural wherever possible.

Every one or two months, our pâtissier designs a feature cake or dessert available for order. While you appreciate and love good sweets like we do, our monthly feature is a promising indulgence that satisfies your foodie palate.

Showroom & Online Shop

Prep work becomes effortless when you slice with a balanced knife or whip with a sturdy whisk. Secret recipes sometimes use simply the best quality ingredients you can find.

We import discerning chefs' favourite tools and ingredients, many of them reserved for professional use, and make them accessible to the public and gastronomes at home, and for you.

Wedding Cake & Sweet Table

The celebration of birthday reminds one of life's significance. The romantic union of a couple welcomes a new chapter in life.

A wedding cake not only provides gastronomic pleasure; it is a piece of memory that go along with both of you, and also your guests.

Let us enhance this significant moment in life by building the cake that tells the celebration of your story.

Private & Corporate Events

Gusta Cooking Studio is an event venue for individuals or private groups whether you are looking for corporate team building activities, company outings, birthday celebrations, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and more.

We are happy to customize workshops catered to your specific interest. Or, simply choose one of our existing classes and book it private for your party of 5 or more.

Commercial Kitchen Rental

We know that running your food business is about efficiency. Time saved is money in your pocket. That is why renting our commercial kitchen makes sense! It helps you cut production time, and you don't have to worry about overhead, equipment maintenance and utilities!

Our public health inspected kitchen offers functional working space, state-of-the-art equipment, powerful appliances. We even provide ingredients in bulk prices!


Restaurant Consulting

Food is your passion, and opening a restaurant or a cafe is your dream. You may already have business management experience, or even been running a food truck. You want better, and here is where we come in.

Well connected with chefs, marketers, experienced realtors, and interior designers, we guide our clients through processes bringing concept into reality. From menu research and development to web and brand design, we ensure our clients are covered before and after their openings. Talk to us today to learn more.