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Baron Hau, founding instructor at Gusta Cooking Studio

Baron Hau, Founding chef Instructor of Gusta Cooking Studio

Baron is classically French trained in cuisine and pastry from the renowned Le Cordon Bleu before he paved his path under the guidance of chefs coming from Michelin star restaurants and MOFs.  A pastry lover himself, Baron’s culinary training also empowers him in the realm of gustatory and olfactory explorations beyond ordinary sweetness.

While food is the overarching theme throughout Baron’s career, his gastronomic journey started young.  When he had to live by himself as a teenager, he took the opportunity and exposed himself to new ideas by frequently dining out.  Hunger for knowledge persisted, so travels, experimentations and keen reading fed his curiosity.  In retrospect, the technical acuity and investigative mind were what brought him to his current venture.

Attending trade shows every year to keep global trends abreast, he also strives to bring in the newest concepts, tools, and ingredients to create and let create tasteful results.  He believes that connecting people's love of food will make the world a better place.

Linh Vu

Linh Vu, Kitchen Manager of Gusta Cooking Studio

Linh is a savoury artist who focuses on the science and flavours of the dishes he curates. Working in the restaurant industry for years has heightened his expectations for quality and customer service. Starting at the age of 13, Linh developed into a vineyard manager who created and nurtured fields of grapes for winemaking. Although mostly self-taught, Linh has worked alongside several mentors and head chefs that helped to mould his current philosophy of cooking.

Starting 2017, Linh began his own venture called Sumeshi, which was well received by digital media through summer night markets. At Gusta, Linh focuses on a similar concept where eating and enjoying food is an experience in itself.

Current class from Chef Linh:

Erwin Chen

Erwin Chen

Owing his success to years working as sous-chef of Signatures Restaurant, and at the Québécois powerhouse Toqué!, ranked forefront of Canada's 100 Best Restaurants, Erwin Chen specializes in creative, seasonal and ingredient-savvy cuisine.

Passionate about learning, and deeply versed in the science of food and cooking, he joins the team as a self-professed glutton with a keen interest in all things food related. Erwin is eager to share his professional experience, all the while channeling his inner geek! (BASc Comp Eng, U.Waterloo)

Current classes from Chef Erwin:

Cathy Lei

Cathy Lei

Cake decorating had always been a passion for Cathy Lei, who has worked in cake decorating for more than 6 years. Her wedding cakes imbue a classy vintage style, and her design reflects her acuity in adjusting the perfect colours.

Keeping up at decorators' front, she endeavoured to South Korea to train her Korean buttercream piping techniques with renowned Korean buttercream artist and educator Kim&Cake professionally. As a certified instructor, she has been teaching the trending techniques in her boutique and at Gusta Cooking Studio receiving excellent feedbacks.

Current classes from Cathy:

Previous Guest Instructors

In our humble studio, we have the honour of inviting individuals with extraordinary skills -- cake decorators, chefs, patissiers -- to inspire us with their passion and share their immense knowledge.