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Gusta -- the root for taste and pleasure -- has been synonymous to good food and sweet enjoyment in Markham, Canada, since 2012.  We currently provide services to weddings, corporate events, and supply boutique desserts to restaurants and cafes.

Our newest project, Gusta Cooking Studio, is a place where foodies gather to share knowledge and get specialty ingredients and tools.  One minute drive south of Downtown Markham, we offer classes, degustations, and other gastronomic events in our health inspected commercial kitchen.



Our chef Baron believes that pleasure is multi-faceted when it comes to eating. Good food, whether savoury or sweet, has to please both the mind and the body. While some may put healthy and delicious as antonyms, he trusts that one is satisfied only when both ends are met. Could one fed blandly all the time be truly happy? Yet one indulges gluttonously will certainly face discomfort from time to time.

Eating isn’t evil, but moderation is key; so is an active lifestyle. So, enjoy gourmet dishes and high-quality desserts when you want to uplift your spirit, and let it not be a mental burden. Not a physical burden either, because Baron has taken care to use only minimal seasoning and sugar in what he makes.

Now, welcome to a happier world.



Gusta Haus of Sugar Art Inc.

28 Crown Steel Drive, Unit 16
Markham, Ontario L3R 9Y1

Located just south of the blooming ‘Downtown Markham’.
You will find us near the intersection of Warden Ave. and 14th Ave



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