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Wa-gashi are traditional Japanese sweets that come in a range of shapes and sizes; some seasonal, some available all year around.  Often simple but intricate in their design, they are morsels of edible art that channel the beauty surrounding culture and nature.


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Made from Scratch Hands-on Class

Make One Type of Wagashi:

$65 (3 hours)

Make Two Types of Wagashi:

$99 (4 hours)

*Remember to let us know which Wagashi you'd like to make when booking an OPEN SLOT



  • Relevant recipes
  • Hands-on practice on recipes as guided by chef instructor
  • All materials needed - the tools and ingredients we use in class are of top quality
  • An apron to use during class.  You are welcome to bring your own
  • Container for you to take away your finished product

Class fee is per person per set of materials, subject to HST.
Buddy discount available.  See FAQ


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